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Readers Respond: What Anniversary Gifts are Most Appreciated?

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Sharing anniversary gift ideas can help other lovers come up with clever ways to celebrate their own anniversary. If you have an important anniversary around the corner or recently celebrated one with a gift that went over well, go ahead and add the idea here. Note: Commercial messages will be removed. This is for readers helping readers only! Add Your Anniversary Idea

Wedding Dress Sketch

My husband gave me a wedding dress sketch created from a wedding photo.
—Guest Madalyns

Trip in time

I did this one Valentine's. I told her I had a surprise, and we got in the car. I started off by taking her to the restaurant we went to the first time we went out, and then I took her to the first place we met, our first apartment, our condo, and stopping at each place to reminisce, ending back at our current house. This was a Big hit!
—Guest Jef

2nd wedding anniversary gift

I made a wedding map of the location my husband and I got married and printed it on cotton linen. I now sell them in my Etsy store since so many people were asking where I got it. It's not only meaningful, but lasts a life time and commemorates your special day at the exact location you were married. You can include the latitude and longitude coordinates if you like, as well as the city and state or country name. Couples also include a special quote or wedding song title and their names on it. Check it out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/jwdesignstudio
—Guest Jessica W.

A really creative first anniversary gift

For our first anniversary my husband got me a gift certificate (paper) for a really cool rainbow sundial (clock) that he found online. We had it made with a date line on it for our anniversary that the time shadow will follow on our special day each year, and it sits on our windowsill and makes beautiful colors in our room whenever the sun shines!
—Guest Sharon

Year one-paper

We got engaged at lake Tahoe. We went back and spent out first anniversary together there. He typed a loving note and corked it in a bottle to represent the first year. He had someone place it lake side in the sand and later that night we walked the beach and found my message in a bottle;)
—Guest Rockburn


For our 3rd anniversary I wrote on about 30 post-its of just us, some long poems and just different things about us. I put them everywhere, his car, wallet, fridge, mirror, etc I even hid some. He loved it so much, just thought I share. Now in May we're about to celebrate our 9yr anniversary. I'm trying to think of something really clever.
—Guest Sandra

Best Gift

We love to cook and watch movies. My husband gave me a gourmet cook book and a new movie. We cooked dinner together and cuddled with a new movie.
—Guest Daisy

Fun and Romantic Anniversary Gift

An unusual anniversary gift idea is www.kindnotes.com. They're jars of 31 personalized or themed messages enclosed in mini decorative envelopes. They're meant to be opened each day, or anytime, as if receiving a love letter in the mail. You can personalize the notes with memories you've shared or reasons why you love them. Romantic and fun!

my best gift

My partner got me a beautiful book called 'our locations' which had all of our memories in a book in a way I hadn't seen or thought of before.
—Guest madelaine

Best Anniversary Gift

We love to travel, so we always give each other something trip-related. And when if we can't get away on our anniversary, we make a map or a guide book part of our gift so we have something to look forward to later in the year.

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What Anniversary Gifts are Most Appreciated?

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