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Readers Respond: Where Was Your Top Travel Adventure?

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From the article: Adventure Traveler Profile
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Adventure travel

One of my most memorable trips was a time when my husband and I got seriously lost in Mexico. We wanted to go to Oaxaca, but ended up in a beach town at the southern tip of Mexico on the Pacific side. We then drove north -- up these incredibly steep mountains through a rainforest, then got to the mango groves. Mangos were in season, and every roadside stand had dozens of varieties. It was incredible. One night we couldn't find a hotel and we were driving after dark -- something you shouldn't do in Mexico. We were exhausted and desparate, and then a very nice modern hotel appeared out of nowhere. It wasn't listed in our travel guide. It even had a pool. Sometimes the best trips are the ones where you salvage an adventure from a disaster.
—Guest Susan

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Where Was Your Top Travel Adventure?

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