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Readers Respond: Your Definition of Love

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From the article: What is Love?
Different people define love in different ways. For some it's passion, for others love means loyalty, compassion, giving, friendship on fire. What's your definition of love between adults? And how do you know when you are in love? Share your wisdom on the meaning of love here. How Do You Define Love?


Love is the feeling that drives you to be a better person for one another, because they deserve the absolute best. Love is when you finally feel as if you can rest and relax with someone. You don't need items, you don't need parties, all you need is the person you love. It's like as soon as you find that one amazing person, that's all you crave in life. Just be in their embrace and be able to truly enjoy who they are, for everything they are. That's love.
—Guest Gabrielle


love is not just to love. love is to forgive and forget the mistakes of the person you love.its not about overlooking the flaws of your partner,but to correcting those without hurting your partner. embrace him when he is alone and make him feel that you will always be there with him,for him when rest of the world turns away....


Love is when you fully embrace the total package of a person.
—Guest richard


Heartbreak is the most dangerous thing that ever can happen to you. It blinds me with tears. I went crazy for his love, he was the blood that ran through my veins. Love is just about trust and sincerity. Remembering the last time we were together is tearing me apart. Now I live alone and I live with my memory. Regardless of my current age, I'm still 16 and live with tears and sadness.
—Guest Rowin Edwards


Love is a total commitment controlled by both lovers' heart and mind.


Love is the reflection of one's inner needs and desires, seen in another's soul.
—Guest clint


what is love? love is the warm feeling you get inside, its the pain your heart feels like its been torn when they are gone, its the most amazing thing in the world to some people, but to others its the darkness waiting in the night for its next victim...
—Guest guest

what is love?

Love is knowing someone's flaws and accepting them anyway. Love is always mutual. You cannot truly love someone who does not love you in return. Love makes you want to be the best you can be for the other person. Love takes time to happen. When you are in love you won't need to ask "what is love?"
—Guest Anonymous

Lovely Lovely

Love is the nausea you feel when you wife cries in pain. Its holding her hair during morning sickness. Love is the giggle you share when you see each other across a crowded room. Love is not eating junk food in hopes that you get another year or two to gaze in her eyes. Love is missing her before she leaves and seeing her every time you close your eyes before she gets home. Love is passing out in the delivery room from not breathing like you keep telling her to do. Love makes men out of boys, lions out of cowards, and bears out of fathers.
—Guest Albert Hearne


Love is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly.
—Guest Sandhya jaising Suryawanshi

Beautiful feelings

Love is a beautiful feeling for someone special... Example: When your beloved is away from you, her/his single word can give you warmth in cold, heal a wound without medicine, and you feel much better.
—Guest Snehalkumar


Love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it.
—Guest Sendy


Love is like a key that opens the gate of happiness.
—Guest HALEY

What is love

Love is like a nail attracted to a magnet; its hold is strong and it doesn't get let down.
—Guest liltizzo


Love is when you miss somebody and your heart misses a beat.
—Guest barijanai

How Do You Define Love?

Your Definition of Love

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