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Readers Respond: Your Definition of Love

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What is Love?

Love to me is like a car. You search and search until you find the "one" and when you do, it slams into you harder than possible, bruising your heart forever.
—Guest Miller


Love is all a person needs. When you're in love nothing will seem the same. Love opens the doors to whole new and different dimensions. It's way better than dreams.
—Guest rios.pahola


Love? Nobody knows what it is. It's only an illusion one uses to keep someone they care about. Love isn't telling someone you love them just because it fits. Love is only real once in every lifetime. Meaning it does not exist in the world until it has happened for you, and you will never know when it has happened. Love is nothing, yet love is everything, only being described by the person who has been blessed with love. Love is rare, yet it is everywhere.
—Guest Anonymous


Love is like a rose bush. Though clothed with thorns, its flower has the best fragrance ever, is the most beautiful and also the most cherished.
—Guest Okoro Daniel C.

What we want

People don't really want to be loved, they want to be understood. -Paraphrased from George Orwell
—Guest misunderstood

Love is Acceptance

Love is accepting another with all their imperfections and without any conditions, qualifications, or subconscious desire for change. True love exists only when those same imperfections become endearing traits that make your heart smile.
—Guest Tara

Love is Masochistic.

True love is reaching out a second, third, fourth time after being hurt, disappointed, abandoned, broken because your heart aches and your soul yearns for the touch, the whisper, the glance of the one you feel irrationally drawn to.
—Guest Jade

It's all right

Everyone is right, because love is unique to each of us, and brings a different experience to each. I wish love for all.
—Guest serafiine

Definition of Love

Love is like a durable fire that burns for eternity.


Love is a fire that doesn't hurts you, that lets you feel alive -- but only if you know how to breathe it.
—Guest Majus! ^^

What is love

Love is the foundation of the family. A family without love is like a building without a foundation.
—Guest mohamed abdirahman hussien


Love is the everlasting expansion of creation, of life's consciousness, within its will to know itself, reproduce and grow within the energy that it represents of abundance and light. Love contains everything. Love is magic. Love is pure. Love is the truth. Love can heal anything. Love is forever lasting. Love is the union of opposites. Love is what it is.
—Guest Anael

"What is LOVE?"

Love is attention and trust. Without trust, there's no us. Without us, there's no couple. Without a couple, there's no love. So what really is love? Is it trust?
—Guest Cuco Torres

Power of Love

Love is nothing more and nothing less than an unconscious desire to have one's soul forcefully destroyed.
—Guest Kreux

My Love definition

I think love is what holds us together. If love wasn't there, we would all be nothing inside.
—Guest Shadow

How Do You Define Love?

Your Definition of Love

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