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Readers Respond: Your Advice for Romantic Travelers

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Oh, you romantic! You know how to make a trip extra special. Share your advice with couples planning a romantic getaway by adding your special advice, tips, and ideas here.

A different choice

Think about a city that isn't usually thought of for honeymoons...Toronto!
—Guest Bentles

Advice for a romantic getaway

Romantic weekends equal time to enjoy each other, communicate, do something old a new way and leave the computer at home.
—Guest Alice

Go to Hawaii

Surprise your partner with a romantic trip... to Hawaii OMG!

The best romantic city

I would forget Paris, France. Try the Paris of the East, Bucharest. It has everything Paris has...with the exception of that rusty piece of Pig Iron that Gustave Eiffel erected in 1889! In Romanian language, Bucur means "Joy" or "Happiness". Bucharest has its own "Arcul de Triumf" adjacent to the "Piata Charles de Gaulle". It also has parks galore, with lakes the size of towns. It has museums, galleries, and a wide mixture of architecture from the neo-classical 18th century to the "concrete-block" Soviet 20th Century. If you like churches, there are a wide range of styles and religions, but mostly either Catholic or Eastern Orthodox. Best of all, most Romanian people are kind, polite and helpful. A large percentage know English and several other languages, enough to communicate. The hotels are clean and good quality. What more do you want? Oh, yes... Bucharest is much cheaper than Paris, but every bit as good... if not better. Try the restaurant, Caru cu bere. Superb!

Watching Fireworks on Balcony

My husband and I love to visit Disney World. I know that doesn't sound very romantic, but the place we stay at, inside Disney is as romantic as it gets! We stay at The Polynesian Resort, club level in a private building where there's much less children. We always ask for a balcony room so we can sit out there, have a couple of wine coolers and watch the nightly fireworks display that Disney offers the three resorts that are inside the park. The three are: The Polynesian, The Contemporary and if you have a lot of money, you could stay at The Grand Floridian, which by the way, isn't half as romantic as The Polynesian..

Romantic get away

Capri - and once there, after having a couple of lemoncello's, visit the ruins of Villa Jovis where Emperor Tiberius spent the last years of his reign. Next day visit the Blue Grotto early in the morning. Take the road to Anacapri for an amazing view. Take the chair lift ride to Monte Solaro and then more lemoncello's.
—Guest pourmwa


When we're going away, I bring my girlfriend flowers. They make the car smell great, then we take them with us when we check in. It adds a personal touch to an impersonal hotel room.

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