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Readers Respond: What do you like -- or dislike -- about all-inclusive resorts?

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From the article: All-Inclusive Pros and Cons
In the article All-Inclusive Pros and Cons, you can find more than a dozen advantages to vacationing at an all-inclusive resort -- and just as many disadvantages that explain why you might not want to. Where do you stand? Are you an all-inclusive fan or foe? Share your thoughts about what you like or dislike about all-inclusive resorts here. What's Your Opinion?

All inclusive adults only-check age

After staying at several A-I resorts I found that some consider age 14 adults and some are 21 and over. If I book a vacation for a kid free atmosphere I am peeved to find 14 yr olds running about! So now I am SURE to look at the age requirements before booking. FYI Temptations in the MAYAN RIVIERA CANCUN is 21 and over only. Beautiful resort, adults only fun&games& entertainment. Food was great in all their inclusive restaurants Beach water was a bit with seaweeds-but we don't spend any time in beach water and the three pools were always clean. It was about. 50/50 singles and couples in August this yr. in the spa we had the best couples massage in our life! We will go there again!
—Guest Sah44

Luxury comes with a price

I love all-inclusives, personally....do not have to carry a lot of cash, food is mostly good, entertainment is usually good and it comes in ONE price instead of several bills or several prices! The more luxurious it is, the bigger the price, usually---so all-inclusive works for me!
—Guest AMber

The Only Way to Go

It's really the only way to go. My wife and I have been to Club Meds in the Caribbean and Mexico as well as to Sandals on Jamaica and two other all-inclusives. Club Med has them all beat. Best of all, perhaps, no tipping allowed.
—Guest James Perry

Fabulous way to experience romance

If one finds the right all inclusive they are marvelous and very romantic. We stayed at Secrets Capri in the Mayan Riveria and we've also been to Excellence. The restaurants are amazing, the architecture beautiful and if you have a special occassion they go all out to make your meal or decorate your room for happy birthday or happy anniversary. I wrote about my Secrets Capri experience on my romancingthetable.com blog and included photos.

loved it!!!!

We stayed at the riu in Paradise island Bahamas for our honeymoon and loved it. The food was really good and the entertainment was OK but loved it. Was provided rides to where we wanted to the people were awesome and the Atlantis wad a few short steps away which will provide what the riu can't such as casinos. We also swam w the dolphins rented sea dos and much more. Best vacation ever.
—Guest linz

No Way

The all-inclusive was o.k. but the staff was a little fake and two-faced for me. I like to meet real people, ones that don't care how much I'm going to tip them.
—Guest liz


We have always gone all-inclusive - Jamaica & Mexico - and would not go any other way unless we wanted to spend $5000 or more. If you research well enough, you can't go wrong!!!! Sandals are awesome!!!!
—Guest Fawna

The Music

I hate the music. I know every place doesn't play it, but some blare it all day. Quiet is better.

What's Your Opinion?

What do you like -- or dislike -- about all-inclusive resorts?

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