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Newlywed Questions

Questions for the Newlywed to Examine


Newlywed Questions
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Congratulations, newlywed! As you embark upon this new stage in your life, it's natural to have many questions about how you will live and merge your lives. Together you can find the answers if you face these questions head on and answer them openly, honestly, and with love and respect for your partner.

If you haven't had time to fully discuss these questions about your future before the wedding, your honeymoon is an ideal time to explore them. This list of questions can help spark debate and make your newlywed year — which starts from the day you say your wedding vows till your first anniversary — a joyous one of personal growth for both of you.

Common Newlywed Questions
Will One or Both of Us Change Our Last Name?
You have several choices in this matter. Read about them here to help make your decision:
Name Change Information
Also see: Free Name Change Checklist

Common Newlywed Questions
Where Will We Live?
Your place? Your partner's? Somewhere new altogether? About.com Guides to Apartment Living, Home Buying and Moving can help you suss out the best deals.

Common Newlywed Questions
How Shall We Budget Our Money?
Even if you're older, About.com's Guide to Money in Your 20s can help you to set up a budget, manage your money, deal with debt, and plan for your future.

Common Newlywed Questions
How Will We Spend Our Free Time?
You already know lots about each other. But to keep things interesting, it's important to cultivate new activities. See my Honeymoon Compatibility Checklist to decide how to spend time on your honeymoon and afterwards.

Common Newlywed Questions
Do We Want to Start a Family?
Not everyone wants children. If you do, when do you want to start? You can extend the bliss of your newlywed year and beyond by knowing How to Avoid Pregnancy on Your Honeymoon.

Common Newlywed Questions
Where Should We Spend the Holidays?
One of the big questions that arises in the newlywed year is whether to spend the holidays with his family, her family, or elsewhere. Read about alternatives here: Thanksgiving Alone Together.

Common Newlywed Questions
How Should We Celebrate Our Anniversary?
In a good marriage, every year is a gift. So it's very important to mark the milestones of your relationship. You can find year-by-year inspirations at Anniversary Gifts by Year.

Just for Fun

Have you ever watched "The Newlywed Game?" It's pretty silly, but fun, too, answering the questions and guessing what your mate will say. You can play The Newlywed Game (buy online) at home. You may even find that answering some of those questions helps to make your first year of marriage go more smoothly. Have fun!
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