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Lyn & Arthur Dobrin Bio


Lyn & Arthur Dobrin Bio

Lyn & Arthur Dobrin in Africa.

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Meet the Dobrins:

Lyn and Arthur Dobrin write about and photograph the world they love to travel. They have articles about Kenya, South Africa, Belize and Spain on this Web site and have written for several magazines and newspapers. The Dobrins live in Westbury, New York.

About Lyn Dobrin:

Lyn is a public relations specialist and a freelance food, travel, and garden writer. Much of her work is with not-for-profit organizations, such as the Adelphi NYS Breast Cancer Hotline. Lyn’s collection of Kenyan folk tales, in print since 1967, is used in the schools of Kenya and Uganda.

About Arthur Dobrin:

Arthur is Professor of Humanities at Hofstra University and the author of over 20 books including novels, poetry, and philosophy.

Volunteer Work:

Lyn and Arthur Dobrin were Peace Corps volunteers together in Kenya, where they have helped build a school.

Contact Information:

Lyn Dobrin
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