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Jane Borden


Jane Borden

Jane Borden in China

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Jane Borden has been a professional journalist for almost a decade. She covers travel, spas, restaurants, museums, theater, books, and film. Her first book, I Totally Meant to Do That, was published in 2011.

Borden has been on staff at Time Out New York for five years. As comedy editor, she’s covered theater and television. She also spent two of those years as the wellness editor, writing about spas, skincare, and fitness. Finally, she penned a dating column for Time Out before deciding to work part-time to write a book and freelance for outlets such as Honeymoons/Romantic Travel from About.com.


She’s written for The New York Times Magazine, NYTimes.com, Modern Bride, Metro, ESPN the Magazine, Time Out New York, and Maxim, among others. In addition, her creative work has appeared on Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central, VH1, and in two humorous-essay anthologies.

From Jane:

"To this day, some of my favorite clips are from 'Readers, Digest,' a column on the restaurant scene and the culture of food in New York, which ran in The L Magazine for more than a year. The pieces are also some of the first I ever wrote. Beginner’s luck?

"Writing is a selfish endeavor. It helps me understand the world around me. That I get paid to do something, which brings me such joy, continues to astound me. Yes, I realize how hokey that sounds. But sincerity is the new irony."


Borden received a B.A. in Religious Studies (the scholarly kind, not the theology kind) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And she received improv-comedy training from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. You’d be surprised how much the two disciplines have in common.

Borden performs regularly in New York and at improv festivals around the world.

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Jane Borden

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