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If this is your first visit to the Honeymoons/Romantic Travel from About.com site, welcome. If you've visited before but aren't sure you got everything from it you could, keep reading. Here's what's on site, and how to use it to plan your next romantic getaway.

There are hundreds of categories to explore on this site. You can use the navigation on the site homepage to drill down to one that interests you, or simply use the Search Box. Interested in what's new on the site? Then look at Latest Articles.

Already settled on a place? Then go to Find a Romantic Getaway Anywhere in the World. Locations are organized by region and then alphabetically.

Airline Info
Booking a Trip Online
Driving Vacations
Train Travel

Because money matters, you'll also want to look at:
Inexpensive Getaways
Saving Money on Your Honeymoon
Trip Contests

These are articles you may find especially fun and helpful:

Honeymoons A to Z
A mini-encyclopedia to help you plan a trip that's fun, safe, affordable, and sexy.

All About All-Inclusives
One price includes accommodations, meals, activities, tips, extras -- and more.

Destination Weddings
The facts about marrying in an exotic locale--and bringing the gang along.

Special occasions for special couples.

Romantic Getaways Around the World
Places you'll love to go.

Do you find this site helpful? Then bookmark it and return often...because there's always someplace new to celebrate your love!

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by Susan Breslow Sardone

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