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Take a European Ski Vacation

Five Peak Winter Experiences for Couples


Take a European Ski Vacation

It's never too early to start planning a winter ski vacation. Sure, you could head out West or to the cold Northeast. But why resist the chance to visit a true European storybook village where you can hear the jingle of sleigh bells on a horse-drawn carriage...schuss down the world's most challenging mountains...dine on gourmet food and wine...and then dance the night away?

Choose from among these extraordinary European ski destinations:

Kitzbühel, Austria

A quaint Alpine town with a gloss of glamour and superb skiing, Kitzbühel offers chalets with roaring fires, miles of top-notch cross-country trails, spectacular intermediate downhill slopes, and evening revelry.

Skiers stop on their way home from the slopes at mountain huts for a Jagertee, a potent mix of tea, spices, and 180-proof Austrian rum. After dinner, the most energetic head for the dance floor.

Hotel Tennerhof, an old-world lodge run by aristocrats, is one place to get some rest (check rates now). Another favorite, in the heart of the old village, is Goldener Greif. On the outskirts of town, Schloss Lebenberg is a castle that's been converted into a luxury hotel.

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