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Winter Vacations

Wondering where to vacation this winter? Check out these recommended destinations for a winter vacation.
  1. Winter Ski Resort Vacations (4)

Plan Your Winter Getaways
Winter getaways for couples to celebrate the season.

Hot Places to Go When It's Cold Outside
Warm-weather vacation destinations to escape the chill of winter: Places where the daily temperature is 80 or above.

The Romantic Alps
Experience Europe's most romantic and breath-taking scenery on a winter vacation in the Austrian, German, Italian, and/or Swiss Alps.

November/December Best Places to Vacation
When to go where in November and December.

Winter Romantic Getaway Packages
Some of the sweetest romantic getaways packages and vacation deals going.

Jackson Hole in Wyoming
Explore the uncommon pleasures of a winter vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Lake Tahoe in Nevada
Enjoy snow-capped mountains in winter?

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, Quebec, Canada
Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, Quebec, Canada as a winter vacation destination.

New Year's in New York
Planning a first-time visit to New York in the week between Christmas and New Year's.

Quebec City in Canada
Around the middle of November, when it begins to snow and the river starts to freeze, Quebec City is transformed into a magical place.

New Zealand
New Zealand's seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere's. The warmest months are December, January, and February.

The seasons are reversed down there, so as winter arrives in the northern hemisphere, the hot and sunny summer begins in Australia.

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