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Northern California Wineries

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Northern California Wineries
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Imagine a sun-dappled day outdoors. The two of you are at a winery, overlooking acres of grapes bursting with flavor in the California warmth.

You raise your sparkling glasses of wine, toasting your good fortune and your new love. It's the California Wine Country experience -- and it's a memory that lasts a lifetime.

According to Napa Valley Online, "The majority of small, family-owned wineries give tours only by appointment. These are the wineries that can be the most interesting, and that will give you a chance to actually talk with the wine maker herself (or himself).

"To visit these wineries, call in advance. While you may be able to set up an appointment the same day, or the next day if you're spending the night in the valley, you're better off phoning before you even come to the valley."

In addition to offering tours, tastings, and hosting special events, some large and small wineries make their premises available for outdoor garden weddings. (Check with individual properties for availability and prices.)

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