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Weekend Romantic Getaway from Phoenix


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A Weekend Getaway North of Phoenix: Sedona, AZ
Weekend Romantic Getaway from Phoenix

Casitas at Mii amo Spa.

(c) Mii amo Spa at Enchantment Resort.

Some of the best weekend getaway trips take you from the world you're in — in this case, hot, sprawling Phoenix — to a completely opposite environment.

The grandeur of Sedona's Red Rocks and its otherworldly vibe provide an ideal setting for a couple who needs a change of scenery.

According to the About Phoenix drive-time page, it's a two-and-a-half hour, 125-mile drive to Sedona. The journey through beautiful countryside as you approach Sedona — especially the magnificent Coconino National Forest along highway 89A — will play a big part in the weekend relaxation and decompression process.

Anticipation also should be a major part of any romantic weekend getaway. And if you're made reservations at one of Sedona's top resorts, you won't be disappointed.

L'Auberge de Sedona, with its individual creekside luxury cabins, is my top choice in the area. Cozy and private, with a working fireplace and a bottle of red wine and two glasses awaiting your arrival, quarters at L'Auberge de Sedona don't disappoint.

Couples whose idea of a relaxing weekend involves spa services are likely to be even happier at Enchantment Resort & Mii amo Spa, a secluded getaway surrounded by Boynton Canyon's red cliffs.

There twosomes can engage in a partners healing touch massage and shiatsu in the serene and private couples' suite with mountain views.

Your bodies open to touch, your spirits open to the energy vortices surrounding Sedona... what could make for a more romantic weekend together?

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