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Weekend Romantic Getaway from Miami


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A Weekend Getaway South of Miami: The Florida Keys
Weekend Romantic Getaway from Miami

Pigeon Key is a tiny island in the Florida Keys.

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Although it may seem as if half the East Coast heads down to Miami for a getaway when winter's chill descends, couples who live there still need to escape the area for a romantic weekend once in a while.

Drivers can make a quick getaway to the Florida Keys via U.S. 1. the scenic Overseas Highway that appears to float on water. It's a miracle of engineering, spanning from Miami to Key West at Mile Marker 0, a distance of about 150 miles.

You needn't travel as far as Key West to escape Miami's heat and sizzle. All along Route 1 you'll find scenic spots to pull off and take a break. For example, closer-in Islamorada may have the laid-back vibe you seek, especially if fishing, sunning, and bar-hopping are weekend priorities.

If you're looking for something more upscale and sophisticated, check into one of the truly wonderful and romantic Florida Keys resorts that specialize in pampering couples for a week or a weekend getaway.

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