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Weekend Romantic Getaways from Los Angeles


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A Weekend Getaway Northeast of Los Angeles: Las Vegas

Las Vegas strip, an easy drive for Angelenos.

Bruce Yuanyue Bi Collection: Lonely Planet Images, Getty.

America's playground for grownups, Las Vegas is practically in Los Angeles' backyard. The physical distance between the two cities is 275 miles, mostly desert, which can be crossed in under five hours on a drive that sets the mood for a romantic weekend.

Alternately, couples can fly to their getaway on a variety of carriers. Southwest Airlines is the most popular and least expensive: If you make reservations during one of the airline's frequent sales, you can fly roundtrip between Los Angeles and Las Vegas for about $100 each.

How many of the Top 10 Las Vegas Strip Attractions can you take in on a romantic weekend getaway? All of them, as they're all fairly close to one another.

For a truly romantic getaway, treat yourselves to a night or two in one of the town's sexy hotels.

In recent years Las Vegas has also become a culinary center, so do some advance planning and make restaurant reservations before you leave Los Angeles.

Shows, gambling, shopping — they're all in Las Vegas, too, and they're all fun for a couple who wants to pack a lot of excitement into a weekend.


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