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Where to Escape to for a Quick Romantic Getaway



For a great escape, just add water.

Photo of Newport, Rhode Island coastline by Onne Van Der Wal / www.VanDerWal.com

The dictionary defines the word "escape" as "to slip or get away, as from confinement; avoidance of reality; to break loose, get free."

If you live in a high-pressure, concrete-bound major metro area, you're likely to need an escape even more than friends who actually get to see trees and walk on grass once in a while. You also, thanks to greater urban infrastructure, have more escape routes.

To assist in your plans, here are suggestions for great city escapes that either include scenic drives or quick flights. Either way, the traveling won't eat up too much of your time, since one thing you'll want to escape on your getaway is the clock.

Escape from Boston
...to Cape Cod
...to Newport, RI
...to Portsmouth, NH
...to Lower Connecticut River Valley

Escape from Chicago
...to Michigan
...to Milwaukee, WI
...to Sybaris Suites

Escape from Los Angeles
...to Las Vegas
...to Phoenix
...to Los Cabos, Mexico

Escape from Miami
...to Florida Keys
...to Sea Cruise
...to Orlando

Escape from New York
...to The Catskills
...to Finger Lakes
...to Pennsylvania Dutch Country
...to Mont Tremblant, Canada

Escape from Philadelphia
...to Atlantic City, NJ
...to Washington, DC
...to Hershey, PA

Escape from Phoenix
...to Sedona
...to The Grand Canyon
...to Las Vegas

At what point during the week does "escape" occur to you? On your way to work Monday morning? During a Tuesday afternoon meeting? At lunch, midweek? Or is the urge to escape strongest on Thursday or Friday?

When the mood and the moment strike, make plans to get away. These days people take shorter and shorter vacations, fitting in a week of fun into a weekend escape.

It's not always as relaxing as you might hope, but a change of scenery on a romantic getaway can do wonders for the soul, the psyche, and your relationship.


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