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Free Name Change Checklist


Free Name Change Checklist

If you're planning to legally change your name after the honeymoon, use this free checklist to help you remember to change your name on the following records:

Start with...
  • Social Security Administration
    Application for a New Social Security Card

  • Note: It takes about 10 days for IRS records to be updated after the Social Security Administration effects your name change.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles - Drivers License and Vehicle Registration
    This is likely to require an in-person appearance at your local Department of Motor Vehicles to submit forms, which are provided on the premises. Bring two kinds of identification, such as a certified copy of your marriage license and/or birth certificate, your current driver's license, or a U.S. passport. Don't expect to be able to change the name or address on the title of your car, however: A new title is only issued upon transfer of ownership.
  • Continue with...

  • U.S. Passport Agency
    Correcting or Changing Information in Your Passport
  • Also communicate your name change to...

  • U.S. Post Office
  • Employer
  • 401k / Retirement plans
  • Credit card companies
  • Bank accounts / names on checkbook
  • Mortgage
  • Voter registration
  • Doctor, dentist, HMO, medical records, heath-care proxy
  • Health, life, auto, and home insurance policies
  • Clubs
  • Memberships
  • Discount, courtesy, and frequent-flyer cards
  • Utility companies (phone, cable, gas, electric, etc.)
  • Legal Contracts
  • Will (you may want to change the beneficiary to your spouse at the same time)
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