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Royal Caribbean's Explorer Cruise Weddings


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Introducing Explorer Cruise Weddings
Royal Caribbean's Explorer Cruise Weddings

On deck aboard Liberty of the Seas.

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Couples today want a wedding that's not simply a party, but an event. That's one reason why as many as 25 percent of weddings are now destination weddings, and many of those take place on cruise ships.

Economics alone is enough to drive brides and grooms to the sea. You do the math:

  • The average at-home wedding costs around $27,000.
  • The average destination wedding costs around $17,000.*
  • The average cruise wedding costs around $7,000.*
Thanks to a new program introduced in May 2007 along with the launch of Liberty of the Seas, sister ship of Freedom of the Seas (these two big girls share the distinction of being the the largest ships afloat), excitement has been added to the magic and affordability of weddings at sea.

On the next few pages you can explore options on board and on land that are now available to engaged couples through Royal Caribbean's Explorer Weddings program.

* Cost of travel, accommodations, and cruise is additional.

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