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Top 4 Classic Wedding Bands


In the rush to complete wedding plans, it's not uncommon for couples to put off buying the all-important element that seals their vows: their wedding bands. Shiny circles of precious metal made to last a lifetime, your wedding bands won't go out of style if you select a timeless, rather than a trendy, style. Choose from these beautiful designs:

1. Classic Gold Bands

The iconic symbol of a wedding ring, a simple polished gold band complements any style of engagement ring. Models made with a "comfort fit" have rounded edges and are easiest to wear for those not accustomed to jewelry. Note: The higher the gold content, the softer (and more yellow) the ring will be.

2. Classic Tri-Color Rolling Band

Three interlocking bands of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold create one great-looking band in this contemporary classic. It's also known as a rolling, or Cartier Trinity ring. Couples who forgo an engagement ring may find this more-elaborate design especially appealing.

3. Classic Milgrain Band

This style (also called beaded or granulated) sandwiches a shiny metal band between two beaded edges. Whether wrought in yellow or white gold, or the more contemporary platinum, this is a good-looking and enduring style. A custom jeweler may be able to offer you milgrain-edge rings in a choice of widths and metals. Men's rings are traditionally narrower than women's.

4. Classic Diamond Eternity Band

In the past, an eternity band (a ring set with small diamonds all the way around) was a traditional gift that marked an important wedding anniversary. Couples waited until such a ring was within their budget, then used the sparkling upgrade to replace a simple gold band from their long-ago wedding. Today, some couples opt to make a diamond eternity ring the bride's first and only wedding band. Grooms typically opt for a band in the same metal color but without the diamonds.
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