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Top 5 Travel Agents for Couples


If you simply need to fly from point A to point B and stay at a brand-name hotel, you don't need a travel agent. That's the kind of trip you can easily book online.

If you have more complicated travel in mind, want a specific type of experience, and appreciate expert advice, a top travel agent or tour operator can plot out and arrange a dream vacation for you. These are some of the best known and highly respected travel agents in the business.

1. Virtuoso Travel Agents

The gold standard in the industry, Virtuoso consists of an elite group of travel agents who specialize in arranging luxury and adventure travel. Virtuoso is the exclusive North American travel consultant for booking passage on Virgin Galactic spaceflights.

Virtuoso travel agents also specialize in extraordinary earthbound trips than can range from dog-sledding in Alaska to lodging in the best suite in the best hotel. As you might expect, trips arranged by Virtuoso travel agents are not for budget travelers.

2. Classic Custom Vacations

Classic Custom Vacations travel agents have strong relationships with luxury hotels and resorts in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, Tahiti, and Western Europe, which can result in customers receiving better rooms and upgrades. These travel agents also specialize in romantic getaways and are a good source for identifying places where couples on a honeymoon or other vacation are likely to be happiest (i.e. separated from families with screaming kids).

3. America's Vacation Center

America's Vacation Center is an online American Express Travel Representative. In 2006 the company was named "Travel Agency of the Year" by Royal Caribbean International, Oceania Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line. Couples who are interested in a cruise vacation can find experienced travel agents at this company who can guide them to a cruise line, ship, and itinerary that will suit their taste and budget.

4. Destination Weddings.com

This travel agency specializes in one thing: Helping couples to plan a destination wedding, and they can handle everything from arranging transportation for the bride and groom to booking rooms for the entire wedding party. Although they do not travel to the wedding location, they do recommend resorts that have on-side coordinators.

5. Tripology

If you don't have a travel agent, you can fill out a trip request form on this site for assistance. You will be contact by up to three travel agents and you can choose to work with any one of them -- or not. There is no fee for their services.
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