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Wording for a Vow Renewal

Language for the Couple at a Vow Renewal


Vow renewal language can be sweet, sentimental, and serious in spots. Since a vow renewal is not a legally binding event, no specific wording is required and you are free to personalize the language — as well as the ceremony — as you like.

The wording of a vow renewal can be as lengthy or as short as a couple prefers. Language should reflect the life you've lived together, and your feelings for one another. You may want to acknowledge your children and other accomplishments of your marriage, along with mentioning milestones and triumphs you have shared together.

At some vow renewals, the wording is provided by the officiant. At others, the couple supplies their own.

If you need to devise your own wording for a vow renewal, use the following sample as a foundation and customize it as you see fit.

[insert partner's first name],
I stand once again before you
To renew our vows of marriage.
I promise to remain strong in my love,
Gentle in my care,
And unwavering in my trust.

In the name of all we have created together
And all we are yet to become,
I offer you my hand
And my heart
As your partner, your lover, and your lifetime companion.

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