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Virginity / First-Time Sex

What you need to know about virginity and first-time sex.
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The Hymen: Evidence of Virginity?
Find out about this vaginal tissue that some mistake for evidence of virginity.
How to Relax on Your Wedding Night
For virgins and non-virgins alike: Ways to relieve the pressure and extend the pleasure.
How to Please a Woman in Bed
Ten tips for maximum sexual pleasure.
How to Please a Man in Bed
Ten sex tips for wives on how to please their husband in bed.
What is a Virgin?
Explains technical definitions of virginity, examines purity vs. experience, and first-time nerves.
First Time Sex Techniques for Men
If your partner is a virgin, you'll want to read these tips for first time sex from Cosmopolitan magazine.
Preparing for First Time Sex
Will it hurt? What position is right? Will I be a good lover? These and other questions about first time sex are asked and answered here.
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