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Topnotch Resort and Spa in Burlington, Vermont


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Topnotch Resort and Spa in a Nutshell
Topnotch Resort and Spa in Burlington, Vermont

Topnotch lies on 120 acres before Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s tallest mountain.

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Topnotch Resort and Spa began as a 22-room inn in 1959 and its mid-century charm remains. Even with 68 guest rooms, 40 resort homes, a 35,000 square foot high-tech spa and 10 tennis courts, there is still something intimate and rustic about the place. Perhaps it’s the stone walls, the giant wood-burning fireplace or big giant stuffed moose head commanding the lobby, appropriately called the living room.

The resort is nestled on 120 acres beneath Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak. It’s the kind of place where you can kick off your shoes, curl up on a sofa and meditate on the breathtaking panoramic mountain views outside the floor-to-ceiling windows. At night you can idyll beside the outdoor fire pit, sipping champagne and making s’mores.

Topnotch’s excellent amenities include elaborate spa and fitness programs. The accommodations are tasteful and spacious. Once you’re home, you may long for the resort’s fine bedding. The property is impeccably maintained and sculptures dot the grounds. The staff is genuine, friendly and professional. The restaurant’s chef takes great pains to ensure that the cuisine is fresh, local and delicious.

For brides seeking a wedding in a bucolic mountain setting amid meadows and valleys, Topnotch delivers. Yet there is no need to sacrifice creature comforts. And with a beauty salon and excellent cuisine, the resort is one-stop-shopping for wedding needs.

Topnotch Resort and Spa is ideal for couples wishing privacy and relaxation. With many on-site activities in this exquisite setting, you may be tempted not to leave. But for those with cabin fever, quaint Stowe is five miles away. A complimentary shuttle transport guests. And for those up for a hike, a well-maintained recreation path winding through forests and meadows leads directly into town.

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