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Pitcher Inn in Warren, Vermont


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Honeymoons/Romance at the Pitcher Inn
Pitcher Inn in Warren, Vermont

Have breakfast outdoors in warmer weather. The red barn (background) contains the inn's suite accommodations.

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“The beauty of being a small inn is that we can personalize celebrations," says Sadri. Perhaps your needs are minimal, a driving map to tour the local area, half a chilled bottle of Champagne each afternoon, massages.

Oenopiles can reserve the wine cellar for a private dinner. Or simply end the day with nightcaps and a toast in the Tracks bar.

Romantic moments come easily here, from tea on your terrace to a stroll in the village. Go out on your own with cameras, photographing and kissing under one of the state's scenic covered bridges. Explore the countryside and go shopping for hand-turned wooden bowls to fill a new kitchen, choose examples of the glassblowers art, consider original photos and paintings of the Vermont landscape in your favoritie season to decorate your new walls.

The Pitcher Inn also offers packages, some of which are only available seasonally:

Love in the Mountains

  • 2 nights accommodations
  • Full breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner daily
  • Two individual 60-minute massages
  • Bottle of Champagne in room upon arrival
  • Chef-created private tasting menu served in the wine cellar on one night
The Pitcher Inn Gourmet Package
  • 2 nights accommodations
  • Full breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner daily
  • Picnic lunch and Vermont gift box
  • Wine cellar dinner one evening including wine pairings with courses
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