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Pitcher Inn in Warren, Vermont


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Welcome to the Pitcher Inn
Pitcher Inn in Warren, Vermont

Main Street entrance of the Pitcher Inn.

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A white, three-story, traditional-looking building in the center of tiny Warren, Vermont, the Pitcher Inn looks as if it’s been there forever -- yet it was built with great care and attention to architectural detail in 1997 after the original structure burned to the ground. Great surprises and delights await within, thanks to the multiple architects who applied their talents to this project.

Every one of the guest rooms has a different theme that relates to an aspect of Vermont living, ranging from trout-fishing and duck hunting to favorite sons Calvin Coolidge and Chester Arthur.

Accolades from the most discriminating media -- including Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report, Travel & Leisure (which named it an Inn of the Month), and Zagat Guide, which gave the Inn a 26 out of a perfect 30 -- attest to the quality and consistency of the experience. Most telling, it became member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux group just one year after opening.

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