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Hotel Cipriani Venice


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Is Hotel Cipriani Right for You?
Hotel Cipriani Venice

Breakfast room service in one of Hotel Cipriani’s junior suites.

© Jane Borden.
The Cipriani promotes itself thusly: “If Venice is a theatre, the Hotel Cipriani is the Royal Box.”

I hate to support ad-speak, but that analogy really hits the nail on the head. The hotel is luxuriously cushioned, hidden far away from the riff-raff for the exclusive use of those who can afford it, and priced accordingly.

But, of course, a box seat is not the first choice of every concert-goer. Some people prefer the acoustics in the balcony. Some would rather be on the floor. Still others like to stand in front.

If a serene, secluded garden retreat is what you seek, there is none finer in Venice. But if your Venetian vision is one of waking up to the sound of church bells and the sight of signoras hanging laundry outside of their windows, you want to be in the mosh pit — and the tickets there are much cheaper.

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