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Hotel Cipriani Venice


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Nearby Hotel Cipriani
Hotel Cipriani Venice

Hotel Cipriani’s private boat en route to San Marco.

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A quick walk through the hotel’s neighboring property Palazzo Vendramin will deposit you on the northwest end of Giudecca; the area is one of the least trafficked sections in Venice. Therefore, it’s worth strolling the length of its northern “fondamente” and peering down the alleys where locals live and/or come to escape the tourists.

Excluding a few churches, however, and the women’s prison (where, interestingly, deluxe soaps are made for high-end hotels), Venice’s sites are all further north. And anyway, the complementary boat service to San Marco is so fast that the famous, must-see Basilica San Marco actually is the closest attraction.

From there, after also visiting the Doge’s Palace, you could either head north to the Jesuit Church and historic Jewish ghetto in Cannaregio, cross the Rialto Bridge to see the Frari and get lost in the meandering calles of San Polo, cross the Accademia Bridge and wander the college area of Dorsoduro looking for a slice and a spritz, or hop on a gondola or public-transport vaporetto heading up the Grand Canal past the centuries-old palazzos of the rich and famous.

You can walk to any part of Venice from any other part of Venice — except to and from Giudecca. But, of course, the Cipriani has you covered for the ride back.

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