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Hotel Cipriani Venice


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Activities at Hotel Cipriani
Hotel Cipriani Venice

Hotel Cipriani’s massive swimming pool.

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The hotel’s swimming pool is the only one in Venice of its kind: enormous (105 x 62 feet) heated to 82° F, and filled with filtered sea water.

Laze in one of the plush lounge chairs and scan the umbrellas for celebrities shading their precious faces from the sun.

But don’t let their toned abs deter you from ordering snacks — especially when you can work them off later playing tennis. The property has one red-clay court, available by reservation (fee), either for games or lessons. Athletic types may also use the fitness center.

Now it’s time to explore; if you can’t tackle Venice on your own, the concierge will arrange a private tour of the city’s points of interest and winding canals on Shirley, the Cipriani’s other wooden motorboat.

Alternately, you might explore Venetian cuisine with a cooking class. And when all that learning stresses you out, the Casanova Wellness Centre is ready to relax you both. The facility is clean, bright and airy, and pleasantly fragrant. Its most beautiful appointment is the couples’ room, fitted with two massage tables and a capacious basin for bath rituals.

If all of that sounds too healthy, heady, or heavy, you are always invited to blow some dough in Cipriani’s shopping arcade, featuring local luxury purveyors Pal Zileri and Al Duca D’Aosta, as well as Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, and others.

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