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Hotel Cipriani Venice


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Honeymoons/Romantic Packages at Hotel Cipriani
Hotel Cipriani Venice

The couples massage room in Hotel Cipriani’s Cassanova Wellness Centre.

© Jane Borden.
Hotel Cipriani offers a handful of packages. None is specifically tailored to romantics, presumably for the same reason that an all-ramen restaurant wouldn’t put noodles on special. In other words, at Cipriani, the entire menu is made out of romance.

Start the day by having breakfast delivered — with flowers, naturally — to your terrace, sipping espresso while listening to the birds and overlooking the lagoon.

Before heading into the city, walk hand-in-hand past the rose bushes in the Casanova Garden.

On your way across the water on Hotel Cipriani's private launch, sit side-by-side on the plush cushions, one of you extending an arm to capture a picture of the two of you speeding by Renaissance churches, pulling into the dock next to outfitted gondoliers serenading their keep.

Later, stay in the double tub so long your skin prunes, remind yourself how soft the bed is, and then get gussied up for a fancy, wine-fueled meal. Because you will both want the view, your waiter will suggest you flank the corner of a four-top; that this allows you to rest your hands on each other’s knees is an added bonus.

That being said, if you call the hotel in advance and tell them you’d like to come for a honeymoon, they’ll compose something extra special for you.

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