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Hotel Cipriani Venice


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Hotel Cipriani in a Nutshell
Hotel Cipriani Venice

Private boat leaving Hotel Cipriani.

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World-renowned Hotel Cipriani feels more like a secluded island resort than a hotel in a bustling urban center. Yet it is both. In the 1950s, Giuseppe Cipriani –- who also invented the Bellini cocktail* at his other legendary establishment, Cipriani’s bar –- decided to create a luxury summer getaway away from the crowds of Venice proper, one that would cater specifically to his royal and celebrity friends and clientele.

A private wooden boat ferries guests from the property, hidden away on the south side of the spacious island of Giudecca, to San Marco Square and back. Although it is only a five-minute ride from the sun- and tourist-beaten piazzas of Venice’s city center to the manicured gardens and near-Olympic-sized pool of Cipriani, you will feel miles away.

In fact, when faced with such inviting grounds – the wellness center, tennis court, and gourmet restaurant – some visitors, e.g. the European head of state staying in the opulent Palladio Suite or the A-list actress sunning herself by the pool, never leave the property.

Most, however, will come and go, and will value the Cipriani for its contrast to the rest of Venice, a city so developed that some of its streets are only a few feet wide. Pulling out into the water, away from the Doge’s Palace after spending an afternoon touring it, anticipating the serenity of the Cipriani and its genteel staff, guests can understand that a trip to Venice can also be an island escape.

* The Bellini is an ambrosial combination of peach pureé and Prosecco (Italian champagne) -- and no trip to Venice is complete without sampling one.

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