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Bauer Il Palazzo Hotel Venice


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What Could be Improved at Bauer Il Palazzo Hotel
Bauer Il Palazzo Hotel Venice

Staircase connecting Bauer Hotel and Bauer Il Palazzo Hotel.

© Jane Borden.
The hotel is gorgeous, comfortable, recently renovated. The staff is professional and friendly. The location can’t be beat. I can think of only one criticism, and it is small: that the distinction between the two connected hotels, the Bauer and Il Palazzo, is confusing.

“It’s a bit labyrintica,” a staff member said to me once when I got lost. I found that quality charming, and enjoyed wandering between the two hotels, noticing the changes in architecture and style, until I discovered that I wasn’t really supposed to.

With the renovation, the owner aimed to distinguish the properties; both are upscale, but Il Palazzo is seriously deluxe, and has amenities available exclusively to its guests. They share a restaurant, though — and, frequently, an entrance — so it’s hard to perceive where the line is drawn.

When I stayed at Il Palazzo, I was told that the rooftop breakfast is not for Bauer guests. But when I stayed at the Bauer, and arrived at breakfast as it was closing, the staff member sent me to the other restaurant on the roof, where they were still serving.

Ultimately, I think that is an example of the group being inclusive and catering to all of its patrons. But if that’s the case, why introduce exclusivity in the first place?

Like I said: not much of a criticism. I can, however, issue another warning: If you will need the Internet, either bring a laptop or a smart phone with an international plan. The two hotels have one business center between them with one computer inside. There was always a line.

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