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Bauer Il Palazzo Hotel Venice


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Bauer Il Palazzo Hotel in a Nutshell
Bauer Il Palazzo Hotel Venice

The Grand Canal facade of Bauer Il Palazzo Hotel.

© Jane Borden.
If you’re going to go to Venice, go all out. And if you’re staying at Il Palazzo, you simply must arrive by water. Sure, you could reach this hotel by foot, either via a very narrow alley off Campo San Moisé in San Marco or by connecting through the lobby of the sister property behind it.

But to approach this 19th-century mansion/hotel by boat, to enter its lobby directly from the Grand Canal, is a distinctly Venetian experience.

Bauer Il Palazzo is the crown jewel of the Bauer hotels (the group also owns the Bauer and the Palladio, and is the only independently owned luxury group left in Venice). When renovating her property, Francesca Bortolotto Possati aimed also to distinguish it, purportedly spending $38 million to create a haven within Venice that is indicative of the city’s fiercely independent and abundantly wealthy past.

Bauer Il Palazzo is elegant, lavish, and one-of-a-kind. And when a member of the genial staff reaches out to help you and your bags onto the waterfront dock, you will feel like every one of those 38 mill.

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