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Hilton Molino Stucky


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The Romance of Hilton Molino Stucky
Hilton Molino Stucky

A large cruise ship makes its way up the Giudecca Canal to the port of Venice.

© Susan Breslow Sardone.

Located right on the waterfront of primarily residential Giudecca Island and across from Venice, Hilton Molino Stucky has exceptional views of the world's most romantic city.

The best aeries for viewing Venice include the swimming pool and the trendy Skyline bar, both atop the hotel.

If you're not up for crossing the canal or only have a little while to spend, it's safe to wander Giudecca. You'll encounter pastry and sandwich shops that provide affordable and delicious fare, art galleries, a few shops and trattorias, and churches. These include the Church of the Redentore, which was built between 1597 and 1592 by the Italian architect Palladio. It was commissioned by the Doge as thanks for the end of the plague of 1576, which decimated one third of Venice’s population.


  • There is an ATM machine about 3 blocks from the hotel to change money, but it only appears to be open during business hours.
  • The #82 vaporetto stops close to the hotel and carries passengers between Giudecca to Venice.
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