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Bauer Hotel Venice


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Activities at Bauer Hotel
Bauer Hotel Venice


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For some people, drinking is an activity. If you are among them, and you’re traveling to Venice, you may as well stay at the Bauer because you’ll wind up there anyway.

In a city with very little in the way of nightlife, the hotel’s B-Bar is as much of a savior to tipplers as all the churches are to pilgrims.

In a swank, and above all, hip setting, the lounge offers not only rosa de la casa and the ubiquitous spritz, but also top-shelf liquors, a curated cocktail list, and, when I was there, a live jazz band riffing along with a DJ playing funky standards.

I hung out with students in Dorsoduro, and popped into Harry’s for a Bellini; in my opinion, B-Bar is much more of a spot to see and be seen.

For those who seek something more serene than the bottom of a glass, use of the group’s Palladio Hotel & Spa across the lagoon in Giudecca is open to all Bauer guests. The palatial full-service spa has eight treatment rooms, a Turkish hamman, vitalis bath, and a relaxation room with a view of the Doge’s Palace.

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