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Savor a Meal at Cipriani


The Cipriani name is legendary in Venice. Its Harry's Bar is where Hemingway quenched his mighty thirst, and where the Bellini cocktail was invented.
Savor a Meal at Cipriani

Waiter at Harry's Dolce prepares a flaming crepes suzette dessert.

© Susan Breslow Sardone.
Cipriani has three locations in Venice where it serves Northern Italian cuisine. The original spot is in Piazza San Marco, where the ambrosial Bellini cocktail is the signature drink. The rosy-hued beverage consists of fresh peach nectar and prosecco, which is Italian champagne.

Harry's Dolce, on Giudecca Island, originally featured only desserts; today it serves complete meals. Locanda Cipriani, on the island of Torcello an hour's boatride from Venice, is the most romantic setting of all.

After the boat drops you off at the Torcello jetty, you must walk alongside a canal -- sometimes in darkness -- until you reach the restaurant where Queen Elizabeth herself has dined.

Cocktails are served in a small garden, and then you are invited inside to partake of your meal. On the night we dined, the menu consisted of baby lobster salad, seafood risotto, mixed grilled fish with aromatic herbs, a small salad, and chocolate mousse served in a tulip-shaped biscuit.

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