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Top 7 Red Roses for Valentine's Day


Red roses are to Valentine's Day what kisses are to love; they make it that much sweeter. Thanks to their beauty and fragrance, red roses have long been a Valentine's Day symbol.

Whether you can afford to buy single red roses, a small bouquet of red roses combined with other flowers, long-stemmed red roses, or an entire room filled with red roses, the gifts below can convey the depth of your feelings.

1. One Dozen Red Roses

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This classic Valentine's Day bouquet contains twelve beautiful red roses. You have the option of upgrading to add more red roses fill out the bouquet and make it even more impressive looking.

2. One Dozen Long Stemmed Fancy Red Roses

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In red roses, as in life, sometimes bigger is better. This selection of long-stemmed red roses features big-headed and elegantly long red roses that open beautifully, each petal a work of art.

3. Two Dozen Long-Stemmed Roses

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When a dozen red roses feel like a little less than you want to send and three dozen red roses may stress your budget, choose two dozen red roses to delight your love.

4. Red Roses and Calla Lilies

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If there's a more elegant floral combination than red roses and calla lilies, I haven't seen it. Perfect for the holidays... and to melt a heart, this bouquet combines red roses with pure white lilies.

5. Pot of Red Roses

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Does she have a green thumb? In that case, she may appreciate this small rose plant even more than cut flowers. The red roses arrive in bloom and can be replanted outside in warm weather. Click through to see this year's pot design.

6. Modern Red Roses for the Table

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Is someone planning a special Valentine's Day dinner? Decorate the table with a romantic bouquet of red roses in a glass cube: You won't have to crane your neck around long stemmed red roses to enjoy a clear view of your love.

7. 100 Blooms of Red Roses Bouquet

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Wow! Want to make a powerful impression on Valentine's Day or any other time of year with a surfeit of red roses? Tell her you love her 100 times with this tall bouquet that yields more than 100 red roses.
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