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Cheap Valentines Day Ideas


A cheap Valentines Day doesn’t have to be a disappointing Valentines Day. Managing Valentines Day on a budget forces you to use your ingenuity to come up with ways to please your mate that appear priceless but are in fact cheap. Find ways below to celebrate Valentines Day on the cheap that are certain to bring untold rewards.

1. Cheap Valentines Day Idea: Toast Each Other with Cheap Champagne

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Unless you're champagne connoisseurs, you may not be able to tell much difference between expensive (capital "C") Champagne that comes from the eponymous region in France and (lower-case "c") champagne produced elsewhere in the world. Sparkling wines from Italy, Spain, and elsewhere will leave you feeling equally bubbly and intoxicated with one another on Valentine's Day.

2. Cheap Valentines Day Idea: Write a Love Letter

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There's nothing cheap about telling someone you love him or her in a letter. Think about the qualities that you appreciate in your significant other, and spend some time before Valentines Day putting those thoughts on paper.

3. Cheap Valentines Day Idea: Cook an Aphrodisiacal Dinner

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that couples traditionally go out to eat in a romantic restaurant. But when money is tight, consider preparing one at home together using some of these sexy recipes. Cooking together can be even more fun than dining out, especially since the distance from the kitchen to the bedroom is so close.

4. Cheap Valentines Day Idea: Plan a Short and Sweet Getaway

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Even if you can't afford a week's vacation this year, you can still spend a passionate Valentines Day. Instead of going for a few days, plan to get away for the weekend. Or even just a night. Want to be cheap and smart? Give your lover and IOU and take him or her away after Valentines Day, when the rates go back down. (Use one of the Valentines Day love coupons below to seal your promise.)

5. Cheap Valentines Day Idea: Give a Book of Love Coupons

Promises are cheap, and so is the paper you can print these Valentines Day love coupons on. You'll find some pre-made cards here, but you can also write your own using the blank card. But whatever you do, make sure that if you give a coupon you are willing to redeem it.
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