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Top 7 Perfume Gifts for Valentines Day


Perfume, chocolates, and flowers are the three gifts men traditionally give to women on Valentine's Day. If you're considering a Valentine's Day gift of perfume, try to find out a) if she uses fragrance and b) what her favorite scent is. If you don't know her signature scent, try one of these popular brands. On a tight budget? Consider buying a scented bath product from one of these lines. They're cheaper than perfume but still smell great.

1. Beautiful Perfume for Women by Estée Lauder

A light and romantic scent, Beautiful for Women by Estée Lauder is available in many different forms ideal as Valentine's Day gifts: bath and shower gelee, eau de parfum spray, perfumed body lotion, and dab-on perfume.
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2. Prada Infusion D'Iris Perfume

Light and modern, sexy and refreshing, Prada perfume has become a new classic. A few spritzes of this modern Italian scent don't linger long, but they will have the desired effect of making her feel confident and pretty. Perfumed bath and shower gel, soaps, and body lotion are less expensive than the perfume but are likely to yield the same result.

3. Romance Perfume by Ralph Lauren

Romance perfume for women from Ralph Lauren is as tasteful as his couture. The "juice" blends velvety woods, florals, and musk, perfect for Valentine's Day.

4. Eternity Perfume for Women by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Perfume's launch of Eternity, a romantic, floral yet modern scent, was so successful that it spawned several offshoots: Eternity Rose Blush, a limited-edition perfume spray; Eternity Purple Orchid; Eternity Moment; Eternity Love, and Eternity for Men.

5. Chanel No. 5 Perfume

The slogan for this classic perfume used to be: "Every woman alive wants Chanel No. 5." While that's not necessarily true, this decades old scent remains distinctive and seductive. Choose from spray, dab-on perfume, body lotion and other iterations for Valentine's Day.
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6. Shalimar Perfume by Guerlain

A timeless classic, Shalimar was created by the House of Guerlain in 1925, and its unforgettably sensuous scent has remained a favorite for decades. Today women can also choose the more modern Shalimar Light, a softer and more diffuse fragrance.

7. Joy Perfume by Jean Patou

Another classic (albeit expensive) fragrance, Joy is simply delicious. An exquisite blend of rare jasmine and rose oils, it is recommended for evening wear because of the aphrodisiacal effect it may have.
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