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When is Valentine's Day 2015?

Valentine's Day is February 14


When is Valentine's Day 2015?

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If you're asking, "When is Valentine's Day 2015?" here's the answer: Valentine's Day falls on February 14 in 2015 as it does every year. Regardless of whether February 14 is on a weekday or weekend, Valentine's Day is officially celebrated on that day.

Since Valentine's Day 2015 is a Saturday, it's an ideal time to embark on romantic weekend getaway.

When should you celebrate Valentine's Day in a year when it occurs midweek? It's entirely up to you.

Some couples take advantage of a Valentine's Day Romance Package to stretch the occasion across a weekend. (These deals are very popular, so it's advisable to make hotel reservations well in advance to avoid missing out.)

When Valentine's Day occurs on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, many couples take a romantic weekend getaway the weekend prior or the weekend after. That's when they do the major celebrating, then simply mark the actual day with a kiss and a card.

If you can't get away on February 14, you can always present your sweetheart with a love coupon, good for travel (or another delight) at a later date.

Use the table below to find out when Valentine's Day occurs on which day of the week.

When Valentine's Day Is
Day of the Week
2015 Saturday
2016 Sunday
2017 Tuesday
2018 Wednesday
2019 Thursday
2020 Friday
Previous Valentine's Day Dates
2009 Saturday
2010 Sunday
2011 Monday
2012 Tuesday
2013 Thursday
2014 Friday
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