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Valentine Card

Choose a Valentine Card for Your Valentine Sweetheart


Valentine Card

Heart & Rose Valentine Card.

Collection Susan Breslow Sardone.
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Valentine Day's day is the perfect time to express loving feelings with Valentine card. Click on any of the Valentine card descriptions below, and you will be taken to a very beautiful Valentine card that you can send free vial email to your Valentine.

Heart & Rose
Valentine card shows full pink rose next to heart inscribed: "The Rose is thought of Love divine, Oh be though my Valentine."

Dark-Haired Cupid
Valentine card shows reclining Cupid with bow and arrow surrounded by a yellow, pink, and red rose. Inscribed: "To My Valentine."

Two Kids
Valentine card shows girl and boy with large heart between them inscribed, "Sincere Valentine Greetings from one who is constantly thinking of you."

Hearts of Flowers
Valentine card shows two hearts (one red, one white) made of flowers and inscribed, "To My Valentine."

Valentine card shows two lovers kissing in the moonlight on a park bench. No inscription.

Valentine card shows two hearts made of lilacs (one purple, one white) and inscribed, "To My Valentine."

Valentine card shows two lovers passionately kissing in brambles. Inscription says, "Honeysuckles."

On the Fence
Valentine card shows two lovers kissing on either side of a fence. She holds a bouquet. No inscription.

Gibson Girl
Valentine card shows Gibson Girl framed in red heart with cupid above. Inscription says, "Greet Thee Valentine."

Valentine card shows couple with turtle doves overhead. Inscription says, "Nobody's Darling But Mine."

Blue Flowers
Valentine card shows heart suspended from decorative bar with blue flowers. Inscription says, "To My Valentine."

White Blossoms
Valentine card shows tufted white heart with white flowers. Inscription says, "I am thine if thou will be my Valentine."

Danger: Broken Ice
Valentine card shows little girl sitting on Danger sign in snow or broken ice. Inscription says, "I could weather any storm with your loving heart so warm."

Cherub with Valentine's Day Mail
Valentine card shows cherub framed by heart and surrounded by letters with heart-shaped stamps. Inscription says, "To My Valentine."

Angel Artist
Valentine card shows cupid in top hat and tuxedo coat with wings, bare bottom, on an artist's palette where dabs of color are heart-shaped. Inscription says, "To My Valentine."

Puppy Love
Valentine card shows little girl holding pink rose bouquet and walking black and white dog. Inscription says, "A Token of Love."

Queen of Hearts
Valentine card shows Gibson Girl surrounded by playing cards, all hearts suit. Inscription says, "To My Valentine, Queen of My Heart."

Lacy Love
Valentine card shows cupid surrounded by decorative lace with yellow bow. Inscription says, "I send you the bow of golden hue to tell you that my love is true. Be my Valentine, Do!"

Cupid Hits a Bullseye
Valentine card shows cupid holding bow and showing off bullseye, shot straight to the heart. Inscription says, "To My Valentine."

Loving Memories
Valentine card shows woman gazing at image of man framed by a heart. Inscription says, "In memory dear Valentine."

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