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When is Honeymoon Season?


When is Honeymoon Season?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the honeymoon.

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Honeymoon season coincides with wedding season, i.e. the summer months. In North America, that's June, July, and August. But as every guest knows, weddings don't take place in those three months exclusively.

Honeymoon Season is Throughout the Year
Whether a couple begin their honeymoon on the wedding night or delay it for a couple of days or weeks, most honeymoons begin shortly after the wedding. Based on the most popular months for weddings, these are the top months for honeymoons in order. By clicking on the month, you can find the best places to travel then:

Rather than plan your honeymoon by the month, expand your choices so that you can pick what you'd like best in an entire season.

What's Your Honeymoon Season?
Find ideas and inspiration for great honeymoon getaways any time of the year.

  • Ideas for Summer Honeymoons
    Just because everyone wants to go on a summer vacation and the most popular places get crowded doesn't mean there isn't a great place for the two of you.

  • Ideas for Fall Honeymoons
    Some couples find fall the most romantic season. Foliage in much of the Northern Hemisphere is lovely, and kids are back in school.

  • Ideas for Winter Honeymoons
    Winter offers a choice of ski holidays as well as flying to destinations in the sun.

  • Ideas for Spring Honeymoons
    Come spring, your love isn't the only thing in bloom. Think outdoors, flowers, and sudden showers. In popular places such as the Caribbean, rates drop mid-April.
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