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Best Places to Vacation in July/August

When to Go Where



Waterfront of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Susan Breslow Sardone. 
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Wondering when to go where for the best vacation experience in July or August? It's a cruel irony that although many weddings take place in the summer, it's not always the best time for a romantic holiday.

People from many Western nations are on holiday, prices are higher, and the most-desirable destinations are more crowded than in cooler months. Still, odds are you can find good weather and experiences at the following places in summer (especially if you book well in advance):




Sure Things

  • Year-round, the weather's just about perfect in Hawaii
  • Somewhere around the world, every month of the year, a cruise ship is sailing some place wonderful.

Beat the Crowds

If you've always dreamed of going on safari in Africa, summertime in the northern hemisphere is winter in that part of the world - and the weather is usually comfortable.

Not the Best Time to Visit

  • Europe is crowded, hot, and many Europeans themselves abandon cities for their own summer vacation (so service can be slow).
  • It's hurricane season in the Caribbean until November 30. The three Caribbean countries listed above are located below the hurricane belt and considered safe destinations.
  • Southern US is swelteringly hot. Only the natives can bear it.
  • School's out, so theme parks and other places that attract families with kids will be crowded.

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