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World's Greatest Vacation Resort Swimming Pools


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Caribbean Swimming Pool Bar
World's Greatest Vacation Resort Swimming Pools

The swim-up pool bar at Sandals Whitehouse Resort.

© Sandals.
Year-round tropical temperatures in the Caribbean Islands are the ideal climate for swimming pools of all shapes and sizes. Although most Caribbean resorts are located on a beach or close to it, not everyone likes getting sand in their suit.

A big pool, particularly at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, can be the backdrop for everything from swimming morning laps to a spirited game of water volleyball to... cocktails.

Sandals Resorts, which pioneered the swim-up bar in the region, makes it easy for couples to toast their good fortune without getting their feet dry.

This pool, at Sandals Whitehouse, is one of four at the Jamaica property. An additional pool bar and four hot tubs are on the premises — but you'll have to get your own drinks.

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