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What is Culinary Travel?

Is Culinary Travel Right For the Two of You?


What is Culinary Travel?
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Learn to whip up dessert and have fun while you're at it.

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Culinary travel is for couples who appreciate fine food and wine and enjoy seeking it out when they travel.

There are many different categories of culinary travel. If the two of you savor new tastes and sensory experiences, you can indulge them in a variety of ways. You can build an entire vacation around culinary travel, or just add a soupçon to spice up your vacation.

Culinary Travel can mean...

  • Planning a trip to a specific destination so that you can sample local food and wines
  • Touring a wine region to participate in tastings at wineries
  • Booking a stay at an inn known for its gastronomic quality
  • Choosing restaurants to eat in based on their ratings in respected guide books (e.g. Michelin guides check prices)
  • Detouring to visit a state fair
  • Taking a cooking course together
  • Scheduling a trip to coincide with a restaurant week or food festivals
  • Visiting farm stands and outdoor markets on your travels
  • Stopping in at local supermarkets and gourmet shops to check out the merchandise
  • Collecting recipes and cookbooks when you travel
As you begin to plan your next getaway, consider including some culinary travel experiences into it. It'll add a lot more flavor to your trip!
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