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How to Buy a Turkish Rug


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Turkish Rug Prices
How to Buy a Turkish Rug

This tightly woven, finely detailed, all-silk winner of a Best Turkish Rug of the Year Award took five years to produce. It measures approximately 3 feet by 5 feet and is priced at $75,000.

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Turkish rug prices are not necessarily based on size.

The number of knots per inch has the most influence on on the cost of a Turkish rug. Typically, silk carpets hold 400 knots per inch. Wool and wool-and-cotton blends accommodate fewer knots and are relatively cheaper.

A tightly woven, intricately designed silk rug not much bigger than a sheet of paper may cost more than a woolen carpet big enough to cover a living room floor.

Prices of small woolen or wool-on-cotton Turkish rugs start at a few hundred dollars and range into the thousands.

Haggling for a Turkish Rug
If you find a rug that you love, should you bargain for it? Absolutely!

Consider the initial price simply a starting point. After some back and forth, offers and counter offers, you may be able to acquire your Turkish rug at a price somewhere between 30-40 percent less than the initial quote.

As you discuss price, ask if wrapping, shipping, and insurance are included. You may also want the seller to affix hooks to the back of the rug if you prefer to display your purchase on the wall as a piece of art rather than allow people to walk upon it.

Regardless of price, Turkish rugs are made to be used. Increased foot traffic only strengthens them.

Cleaning a Turkish Rug

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