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The spa's VIP suite is an inner sanctum with a private bar, pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, fireplace, hammam, treatment area, sitting area, and a plush bedroom.
Spa VIP Area

No doubt you can order a healthy beverage from the private VIP bar. But you don't have to.

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Invite your closest 20 friends, tell them the drinks are on the house, close the door, and make the rest of the world go far, far away as you unlax in this multi-room suite suitable for a sultan.

With your unlimited funds, you may want to briefly steal away from the VIP spa area for a foray to the nearby premium mall that specializes in upscale brands with designer labels. Or shop without leaving Marden Palace: The arcade on the hotel’s lower level sells everything from bikinis to diamonds.

At night a laser light show plays out against the vast pool. The hotel also beckons guests to its multiple lounges, private nightclub, cinema, and beachside amphitheater.

Mardan Palace isn't the only glitzy hotel along this stretch of prime beachfront property. Several neighboring mega-hotels have distinctive themes. Next door to Marden Palace is Kremlin Palace (we didn’t stay long enough to see whether a replica of Lenin’s Tomb was part of the lobby décor but we have our suspicions). The Titanic hotel is a few blocks beyond and safely land locked.

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