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Bodrum, Turkey Photo Tour

What to See and Do


Few, if any, sunny port cities can lay claim to containing one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, an underwater museum inside a castle, a breathtakingly chic cliffside hotel, and a dance-till-dawn nightlife scene.

Yet that’s exactly what lures sun, history, and fun lovers to Bodrum, Turkey, a sun-bleached peninsula where Aegean and Mediterranean waters meet.

As the good-times capital of Turkey's southwestern coast, Bodrum has numerous restaurants, marina-side cafés, and booming discos.

Ancient Halicarnassus, renamed Bodrum, is the birthplace of Herodotus, the father of history. Bodrum’s own history stretches back to the beginning of recorded time.

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Bodrum Turkey WaterfrontGulet BoatsBodrum FishermanBodrum Café
Bodrum CastleMuseum of Underwater ArchaeologyAmphoraeKemal Ataturk
Mausoleum at HalicarnassusWonder of the Ancient WorldView from MausoleumMoslem Graveyard Bodrum Turkey
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