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Take Your Dog on Vacation

Trip Ideas and Resources for Dog Lovers Who Travel


Take Your Dog on Vacation

It's a dog's life at this posh Mexican resort.

(c) Las Ventanas al Paraiso.
One of the most memorable vacation trips I ever took was with my dog, Jesse. Invited to visit a friend on Nantucket, I drove to the ferry. The wait in the hot sun was long, and both cocker spaniel and travel companion were cranky by the time boarding took place in late afternoon.

Once the ferry left the dock and we began to travel out to sea, our vacation trip officially began. Soon the sun began to set and Jesse and I both started to relax. We had a bench to ourselves, and my dog clambered up beside me.

I took him in my arms, kissed him atop his head, stroked his long silky ears, got an affectionate dog lick in response, and held him close as we watched the play of dusky light sparkle upon the water. Heaven!

Why It's Great to Travel with a Dog

Bringing a dog with you on vacation can enrich a trip in so many ways.
  • You'll talk to dog-loving strangers who otherwise would have passed right by you.
  • You'll travel to dog-friendly parks and other places that wouldn't ordinarily be on your itinerary.
  • Most significantly, you'll have your best friend at your side.
Naturally, not every destination is suitable to bring a pet on vacation. And not every dog is calm and well behaved enough to travel. But for those that are, the Web contains many resources where dog-lovers can connect with people and places that will facilitate their travel.

10 Great Dog-Friendly Vacation Ideas

Fun with Dogs on Vacation
Love dogs as much as each other? Then plan to spend your next vacation with one of these 10 dog-friendly activities.

Travel Sites for Dog Lovers

B&Bs that Welcome Pets
Small lodgings that permit guests with animals.

Extensive resource of dog-friendly beaches, cities, parks, ski resorts, hotels, and more.

Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Gold Pawsport
Amenity-rich, frequent-pet-stay program for pampered dogs at Los Angeles hotel.

PetFriendly Travel
Lodging locator.

Pets Welcome
Lodging locator plus other good resources, including a kennel finder.

Pet Travel
Worldwide travel guide for cats and dogs and the people who travel with them.

Puppy Travel
Travel agent for pets arranges transport and relocation trips.

Sherpa Pet
Comfortable, durable carriers for small pets.

Summer with Your Dog
Great ideas for enjoying the great outdoors with your dog, from Bark, America's best dog magazine.

Travel Hounds USA
Assists with trip planning, with focus on agility and other energetic vacation activities to enjoy with a dog.

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