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Top 5 Items to Stock in Your Hotel Room Minibar


We travel a lot and there's one rule we have: Don't consume the minibar items. Hotels stock each minibar with a tempting array of sweet and salty, thirst-quenching and alcoholic snacks in an attempt to get you to pay many times what the same minibar items cost in a supermarket.

Still, a minibar can be a useful place to stash brought-from-home or bought-on-the-road items, especially when you want to keep them cool and away from critters. At many hotels someone comes daily to track what's been removed from the minibar and restock. So whatever items you take, replace. And always check the bill before you check out.

1. Kama Sutra Massage Cream in Your Minibar

What honeymoon is complete without a sensual massage? Kama Sutra massage cream is a great item to stock in your minibar and keep chilled until ready for use. It's even edible! Available in Raspberry Cream, Honey Almond, and Tangerines & Cream. Do warm it up in your hands before applying.
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2. Aloe Vera Gel in Your Minibar

If you're not used to being in the sun but plan to get in plenty of sunning and swimming on vacation, bring along aloe vera gel and stash it in the minibar. Cooling and moisturizing, it will take the sting out of skin that stays in the sun too long.

3. Kama Sutra Earthly Delights Gift Tin in Your Minibar

While it's not necessary to keep the items inside this tin refrigerated, you may want to keep them from prying eyes. Your minibar is the ideal hideaway to stash them in — just remember to clear out your stock before you go an replace it with the hotel's.
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4. Travel Candle in Your Minibar

Let's face it: Not every hotel room smells great. Anticipate that you may need some olfactory mood enhancement and pack a small travel candle in your suitcase. Burn it at night, and keep it away from itchy fingers by stashing it in the minibar during the day.

5. Lavender Moisturizer in Your Minibar

Air travel dries the skin, and sun burns it. Use this inexpensive lotion-to-go to soothe. Its lavender scent also relaxes and can help you sleep better in unfamiliar places. When not in use, keep this item chilling in your minibar.
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